Learn to speak Telugu through English or any of these 10 Indian languages; Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi and Tamil. .

ఆపు / ఆపండి.


Learn them to earn your place among the locals. . SpokenEnglishEasyNow.

Simple words / sentences in telugu, watch and learn from this video.

Learn 25 commonly used Telugu Words through English from this video. google. Build your vocabulary.

com/watch?v=T7ZGVabp9OA1000 Telugu. Telugu Words Some basic Telugu Words to get started with the language.


This is the main and only goal of this book.

Related Posts. (My name is Rini – Na Peru Rini) You – Nuvvu/Niku( Do you go for jogging – Nuvvu jogging ki velthava? / I will give you money – Nenu Niku money Isthanu) They – Vaalu.

. Learn 30 Daily Life Conversation English Sentences through Telugu Part-15.

Telugu is a protected language in South Africa.
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It is fourth largest spoken language in INDIA.

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For an English speaking person the word order in Telugu appears inverted. 4. Our translation software gives you high-quality translation results for FREE.

. . Some basic Telugu Words to get started with the language. However, if to select clear learning goals,. Start by learning essential words and phrases in Telugu, for example, such as “Aangla Bhasha” (speak English language), “Naa Paeru” (my name), and “Meeru” (you).

Learn Basic Telugu Words And Phrases for Daily Use! Nestaway.

Telugu is known as Italian of the East as all words in this language end with a vowel. Its grammar is simple and structurally neat.

Telugu language.

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In today's Telugu, People use a lot of English words.

Jan 3, 2021 · రోజూ ఉపయోగించే ఇంగ్లీష్, హింది మరియు తెలుగు పదాలు.