According to the post on when to test, if I test positive on day 5 there is a good chance it will be a healthy and viable pregnancy.

I got a very very very faint positive at 4dp5dt in the afternoon with my first and a stark white negative with FMU at 4dp5dt with my current pregnancy.

. Faint, but clear positive at 5dp5dt this time around.

I caved this morning and did a pregnancy test and there was a light line.

I'm 4 days past my frozen embryo transfer of donated eggs.

I know I shouldn't, but I'm doing this journey alone and it gets hard alone in the house. We got our first positive pregnancy test on my 4 day post transfer then our first Beta 9dp, second Beta on 13dp!. January 2015 Siggy Challenge TTCAL.

Negative pregnancy test.

4dp5dt. . The first response early result website says it's 76% accurate at 5dp5dt, 96% accurate at 6 days, and 99% after that (I converted days before missed period to days after transfer).

Frist FET: 6dp 5dt ended in chemical. Glad I’ve found this post.


Why do we torture ourselves like this?!.

4DP5DT: Day 4 post-5-day transfer, the blastocyst attaches itself to. Wife had her 5BA FET on 12/6/21.

. Of course it’s a BFN.

Tubes removed: 2015.
TTC: 9 years.

Re-biopsies show near-100% testing accuracy.


Posted by 5 minutes ago. Ectopic:2010. First two were chemicals, third one stuck.

Started NHS IVF: Dec 2015. Of course it’s a BFN. Hi never been on here before I need some advice! 2nd Fresh cycle had 2 top grade embryos transferred on 14/08 I tested yesterday 4dp5dt BFN tested this morning 5dp5dt BFP on digital am I definitely pregnant? Background: Me: 28 DH:29. . I started getting occasional twinges in my uterus yesterday (3dp5dt), very similar to twinges I had during my other pregnancies (3 MMCs), and convinced myself to test early today.

Had a test on 5-6dp5dt, BFN.

I convinced my wife that if we take a pregnancy test today it will give us a fair understanding if we’re. I had a squinter the evening of day 4 and a faint line the morning of day 5 (today).

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My patience was thin and I tested this morning.

We had our first FET on Thursday with a 4AA embryo.


4dp5dt test.